Sunday, January 6, 2019

Day 1 Post

Here I am on Sunday, the day after my birthday, last day of my Christmas vacation, the day before I go back to work, trying to focus on getting something done.  Tomorrow is a workday (thank God) and my mind is racing over all the things I need to do to get my classroom ready for the second part of the school year, my kiddos coming back, oh and how truly excited I am (dripping with sarcasm if you couldn't tell) to sit through yet another workshop.  I know that I will leave the workshop with something I can use as it is on differentiated instruction and I teach GT, Pre-AP, and regular science classes, but my brain is counting the gazillion things I will not get done in the classroom tomorrow because I will only have the afternoon to be there.  I made a promise to my husband to not stay at school until 5 or later to get things done anymore, yet I struggle with "how I am going to get all this completed."  UGH!!!!  I know, I know most every teacher goes through this after every break... ; "PING" yet again I am distracted from my thoughts and my trying to get something "productive" done by the "new Facebook post" ping on my phone.  "No leave the phone on the table Kelli, resist the urge to pick up and look at it," my brain screams.  But do I listen - NO -  I see a friend posted something.  A friend posted an interesting thought about how while we are grumbling or stressing about going back to work there are kids who don't have the best environment and are excited to be back and see us.
Okay, well dang, that just blew my whining out the door.   Leave it to a distraction to show me where my priorities should be focused I chuckle to myself.